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We met the community of June 22 a few years ago in the midst of a flood. It started with asking their President, Manuel, if we could help and how. He told us that they would accept the help, but once he thought they were okay to stop. For us, that was a huge green light because we are very careful to make sure any help we provide is not enabling in any way. A few weeks went by taking food and water out before Manuel said they were okay. We then asked if we could still come to hang out and love on their children, and we haven’t stopped since. 


Since beginning in this community, we have made many steps to improve the quality of life for the people. We added concrete floors in all the homes after the health department said that it would help their immune systems. We added a water pump for the whole community. We also offer a feeding program that feeds the children five days a week. For many of the children, this is their primary source of nutrition. God has given us even bigger plans for this place, and we cannot wait to see what is next. 

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