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Dream Center Students

The Dream Center student program all started with a few street kids hanging around outside our La Mesa building. We invited them in to kick a soccer ball, and it exploded from there. We knew from the very beginning that this was going to be about so much more than kicking a soccer ball. Five days a week, we have an after-school program from 12-4 where they have classes like Bible, Art, Discover and Learn, Library, and Critical Thinking. Francis was a teacher in the private school system for 16 years before she came to work with us, she plans the most amazing classes about the ocean, plants, the human body, and even the Holocaust. Cristian is our soccer coach and Bible teacher and we are constantly amazed by how he makes the Bible come alive for these boys. Alejandra is our staff psychologist and has one on ones every week with students in the program. Javier runs the university portion of this program as we support these boys through university with transportation, classes, and mentorship. Some of these boys were on the street when we met them and now they are studying in university. They are learning how to be Christian young men of character who can and will be so much more than the world around them convinces them they have to be. Only God could've written this story.

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