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On November 4th, hurricane Eta crashed into Central America destroying the homes and lives of thousands in and around the communities we serve.

  • The Dream Center is dry and functioning as a resource center for the entire area 

  • All of June 22 was completely underwater and all of the homes were severely damaged or destroyed

  • 62 communities around Progreso completely flooded out leaving thousands homeless

  • We are providing showers at the Dream Center every day for a few hours at a time to allow the newly homeless a place to get clean

  • We are providing dinner at the Dream Center every night at 5

  • We are making up bags of necessities to give out to those in need

  • The Dream Center has become a place for Hondurans who weren't affected to donate items such as clothing, formula, diapers, food, etc. 

  • Donate a meal at the Dream Center ($100 a night)

  • Donate to the cost of a necessity bag ($30)

  • Donate to the cost of repairing roofs, replacing beds, replacing stoves, etc. (~$150+)

  • Share. Tell everyone you know. Tell them why it matters to you. 

  • Pray. God isn't done here. There is a lot of hurt and hopelessness that only He can fix. 


What we are doing:

How you can get involved:

You can make a difference