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Difference Maker

Difference Maker

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From the beginnings of Hope Through Him Ministries, our financial structure has been that 100% of dollars donated to the ministry go directly to those we serve, and all operational costs should be paid for by the ground fees paid by teams. Half of those fees are used for the team's week here while the other half is used for operations later in the year. The current crisis we are facing with COVID-19 has created a large shortfall for that operational budget. We are now creating a fund for those who wish to financially support the ministry in whatever capacity is needed whether that be operational or program-related. We call this the Difference Maker fund.
So far in 2020, we have had 5 teams forced to cancel their mission trip due to the COVID-19 virus (one team because of a security issue in a part of the country that really does not affect us or our ministry in any way). Those teams canceling equals thousands of dollars that we use for operations of the ministry. Those operations include things like electricity, fuel, rent, vehicle maintenance or other administrative costs, all very necessary to continuing our presence here in Honduras and the work we do here with the people.
The Difference Maker fund will be divided into two giving categories: monthly support to help with ongoing operational costs and one-time gifts that can be used immediately or placed in a fund for emergencies like we are experiencing now.
So who are our Difference Makers? EVERYONE who gives and supports Hope Through Him and the El Progreso Dream Center is making a difference. Difference Makers are those who know, love and support our ministry here and understand that it takes an operational budget to keep people on the ground and in the communities that we serve here in Honduras.

Our objective for the Difference Maker Fund is to have a few months of funding set aside for operational expenses in case of a crisis.  We need to raise $25,000 to be secure in the sustainability model and continue our mission here in Honduras without the added stress and worry of a crisis like we are in with COVID-19 putting the ministry in jeopardy.

Will you help us and become a Difference Maker? We need both monthly supporters and one-time givers. Those monthly supporters help us remain sustainable here in Honduras, and the one-time givers will help us alleviate the situation we are seeing right now with the COVID-19 crisis.  

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